This year, the Sea Rim Striders host the Annual Turkey Trot 5K, 10K, Kids,, Special Needs 1K, and Adaptive 5K and 10K on Thanksgiving Day. To help out this organization, people need to register, so the Convention and Visitors Bureau is going to fill you in on how a Turkey Trot can be fun so we can see the biggest turnout yet.

We know, we know, who wants to go running on the day you plan to eat so much you can’t even move? Some may say it’s crazy, and others may jump on the Turkey Trot bandwagon, but no one can deny how a good run with family and friends is not only a great way to start your day but also the holiday season. 

1. It’s FESTIVE!

The Turkey Trot isn’t your normal 5K so it adds something different than a regular run. Runners can dress up in their turkey garb and make the most of the holiday. Have fun with it and get in the Thanksgiving spirit. 

2. You can run/walk off all the calories before you even consume them.

Although it doesn’t sound the most fun, getting a little exercise in before a day of feasting isn’t the worst idea. You don’t even have to run, but can waddle so that you will be extra hungry when you get to eat the most delectable food and not feel too bad about it. 

3. The opportunity to spend time with your family in a different way.

Your family will already be in town and it is something you can do together. Everyone has their traditions, so why not make the Turkey Trot one too? It gets everyone out and moving. Even Grandma and Grandpa can make an appearance to cheer the family on.

4. Social Aspect and Community Involvement

Thanksgiving not only gives you time to spend with your family but also your friends, and participating in the Turkey Trot can bring it all together. Nothing says “giving” like a charity run with the people you love the most.

5. Great Weather and Being Outside

In Southeast Texas, we know the heat is real, but we can be somewhat assured that November will bring cooler weather to enjoy. This event brings your family outside and active.

Whether your family wakes up early to start the cooking, volunteers at the soup kitchen, or yes, even runs. Every family has its traditions, so maybe think about the Turkey Trot is a new one.

Registration is available until the day before Thanksgiving.