What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a global, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices. Millions of containers called “caches” are hidden all over the world that you can navigate to via clues and coordinates on your phone. Many are right in your own backyard at places you go all the time. It’s a fun, socially-distanced outdoor activity that anyone can do any time.

You’ll never need to dig or destroy property, but you may need to look at an area a little closer than usual. Touch and move things around. They can be hidden in crevasses, on the ground, in trees, high up, low to the ground, or right at eye level. When you find a cache, sign the logbook, mark it in your passport, and put it back as you found it for the next person.

What is an Official Geo Tour?

Geo Tours are a specific set of caches hidden by a sponsor with various letters and numbers inside to unlock a secret code. The Visit Beaumont Geo Tour has 25 caches hidden around the region which take you to some of the coolest places in the city. You can complete them in any order at your leisure but it's designed to take about two full days. Find all the caches and complete the puzzle to receive a commemorative coin. There are also opportunities in the passport to earn more swag and prizes for checking in at the local restaurants and attractions around town.

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