Christina Majdalani Lokey

Christina Lokey

Marketing Director
(409) 880-3168


Christina manages the Visit Beaumont marketing team and is charged with strengthening hospitality industry partnerships, brand building, strategic communications, and advertising and promotions. She has a vested interest in advancing Beaumont's ecotourism initiatives and downtown revitalization projects.

Degrees / Certifications:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management – University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Diploma in Culinary Arts – Art Institute of Atlanta 
Foodservice Management Certification – National Restaurant Association 

What do you love most about Beaumont? 

The thing that stands out to me most is the family-like community that exists here. I went to the same middle school and high school as my mother, and her mother. The friends you encounter and continue to see around the city are like family, and there’s a deep sense of community involvement. Also, the friends and connections I have made while away at college or living in other places have always led me back to Beaumont.  Everybody knows somebody from Beaumont, TX!

What is your favorite activity in Beaumont?

I have always enjoyed playing sports and I love utilizing any opportunity to play. Whether I’m playing on Coed Softball teams at municipal, playing tennis at the brand new courts off College Street, or practicing my swing at Games People Play, I like to stay active.

What is your favorite season?  

The so-called winter that always seems to be sunny with a slight breeze.

What is your favorite space in Beaumont to host an event?

The Beaumont Country Club has always been my favorite venue.  It has a beautiful view of the Neches River on the left, and a stunning golf course to the right. The country club brings back very fond memories for me, way back to childhood. I have witnessed countless beautiful events and seen some of the most breathtaking sunsets ever. They are truly spectacular! The Neches River glows with color as the vibrant orange-pink skies reflect on the water.

What is your favorite place to eat in Beaumont?

I was raised in a local restaurant and over the years I’ve learned to respect local businesses. I have been so impressed with J. Wilson’s, the owner and his wife are amazing and he‘s done an amazing job keeping the community engaged in his specials and events. Of course the food is great, but it’s the fantastic selection of craft beers, including some from my favorite Colorado Breweries like Avery, Oskar blues, and hopefully one day, Ska out of Durango.