Get Involved!

We invite you to be involved with Mardi Gras SETX at the informational meetings held each month.

“Mardi Gras isn’t just an event, it’s a tradition,” Laura Childress, president of Mardi Gras SETX, said, “and this organization and event is like my family. I want to invite you to be a part of this family.” 

Mardi Gras SETX is the second largest Mardi Gras in Texas, and what you put into your involvement, you get back tenfold to your community. Mardi Gras SETX gives back to 14 local nonprofits and is dedicated to showcasing the culture of our community. 

You can be involved by joining or starting a krewe, becoming a volunteer or sponsor, bringing the family or selling themed products at your local business. We urge you to consider the impact that your involvement has on your community. Let's come together to celebrate, connect, and create lifelong Cajun memories. 

You don’t have to attend this event to get involved, either. Feel free to meet or call Laura Childress to discover the true magic of Mardi Gras at 409-721-8717. We will also have additional meetings, so please join us at any of the events: October 11 at 5 Under, November 8 at Madison’s on Dowlen, December 13 at Pour09, and January 10, 2024 at El Viejo Tony. 

“As always, safety is our top priority, and it’s important to me to keep everything local,” Childress said. “I use local vendors and sponsors as much as possible. I want everyone to have a good time, but ultimately, I want the money to support and give back to the community.” 

By supporting local events and businesses, we not only help them, but we also ensure that our community remains resilient and vibrant. The Beaumont CVB continues to partner with Mardi Gras SETX for marketing efforts. This four-day event drives tourism and visitors to the city, which creates positive economic impact. 


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