Beaumont Bucket List 

Experience Beaumont like never before! Our curated bucket list challenge offers adventures, experiences, and activities for everyone! This pass is free, easy accessible from your smartphone, and FUN! And you earn free prizes with each pass! Get started and become the ultimate Beau-monster! 


Think you're an OG Beau-monster? Try this challenge. 

You have one day to check in to as many places as possible (Amazing Race style) to rack up points! 

Step 1: Grab your crew (up to 8 people). 

Step 2: Register your team on the form below. Include your team's name and information.  

Step 3: Each person downloads the bucket list passport on their phones.  

Step 4: Coordinate a date to complete the challenge with your crew. 

Step 5: Meet up on your chosen day and start the competition! You have one day to check in to as many places as possible to rack up points. Split up and start checking into as many places as you can!  

Step 6: At the end of your day, the person on your team with the lowest point total is the loser. Your team can decide if the loser has to complete the ice bucket challenge. Pick up all the materials at the Beaumont CVB at 505 Willow Street. All you need is ice and water! The person with the most points gets a limited-edition t-shirt from the CVB.  

Step 7: Check the leaderboard and see how your team ranks!  

Register for the Bucket List Challenge

Complete the form below to register your team for the bucket list challenge. Include all names under full name and your team name under title.

Please include the phone number and email of your team leader (contact person). 

* Indicates a required field.

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