What is a CVB?

In the travel and tourism world, CVB stands for Convention and Visitors Bureau. Organizations that represent a region's tourism industry can also be known by names such as DMO which means Destination Marketing Organization or Tourism Board or Tourism Authority. But what role does a CVB play?

Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Beaumont CVB also known as Visit Beaumont is a department in the City of Beaumont. The mission of the CVB is to promote and market Beaumont, Texas as a premier visitor and convention meeting destination for the purpose of positively affecting the city's economy. Our marketing and sales teams work together to bring business and coverage to the area.

Who does the CVB represent?

The Beaumont CVB represents Beaumont when hosting meetings and meeting sales. For travel and tourism opportunities, the Beaumont CVB focuses on Beaumont, but includes cities within the Golden Triangle and Southeast Texas. Cities included are Port Neches, Groves, Nederland, Port Arthur, Lumberton, Kountze, and Orange.

How does the CVB help impact the local economy?

The Beaumont CVB sales team actively pursues conventions, sporting events, tour groups, and other group business by traveling to trade shows and conventions to promote Beaumont as a meeting and sports destination. Booking and hosting different convention business in Beaumont creates overnight stays. This, in turn, bring in "new" money to our local economy.

How does the CVB attract media coverage and work with local media?

Through promotions and projects, the Beaumont CVB works with local media to promote the destination. Whether it be projects the Beaumont Restaurant Week, Beaumont Birdie Passport or what the museums and attractions have going on, we want to get the world out. The marketing and tourism team goes to travel and tourism conventions and summits to spread the word about Beaumont to travel writers, bloggers, influencers and other media to cover Beaumont. 

Where can you find information about the CVB and what is happening in the city?

In addition to  visitbeaumonttx.com, you can find us active on our social media channels via Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and GoBeau.co.

Where can I get a visitor's information?

You can view the digital guide or request a copy by mail here. The guide is also available at our local hotels, attractions, visitor centers throughout the state, and in the baggage claim area of Jack Brooks Regional Airport.


General Information

Why is Beaumont often referred to as the Museum Capital of Texas?

Beaumont was dubbed The Museum Capital of Texas years ago. We're not entirely sure when and where the claim originated; but, we use it and we hear the phrase used by locals from time to time. If we're getting technical, Beaumont has more museums per capita than any other city of its size in Texas (1/9,800 persons to be exact). So while we may not actually be the Museum Capital of Texas, we do have a staggering number of them. View our list of museums here. 

Does Beaumont really have the World's Largest Fire Hydrant?

The 24-foot, dalmatian-spotted fire hydrant at the Fire Museum of Texas was donated to the City of Beaumont by Walt Disney in 1999 for the movie release of "101 Dalmatians." Beaumont held the title of world's largest fire hydrant for two years when a larger hydrant was built in Elm Creek, Manitoba, Canada measuring 29-1/2 feet tall. That hydrant has since been surpassed by the 40 feet tall fire hydrant in Columbia, SC, which holds the official record for world's largest fire hydrant. That being said, our fire hydrant here in Beaumont actually works - so we've revamped the name to World's Largest [Working] Fire Hydrant.  

What time is it?

Beaumont, Texas is located in the Central Standard Time Zone and follows Daylight Saving Time. Check the current time

What's the weather like?

Beaumont enjoys moderate climate year round, making outdoor activities always an option. Check the latest conditions and forecast

What is the sales tax?

Beaumont sales tax is 8.25% on all tangible products.

How many people live here?

As of 2022, the total population of Beaumont, Texas was 112,089. Total population in the Jefferson County area was 250,830.

Where can I find information on city government and job opportunities?

The City of Beaumont website is the best resource for this. 

The area's largest employers include:

Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, Baptists Hospitals of Southeast Texas, Beaumont Independent School District, City of Beaumont, Lamar University, Jefferson County, ENGlobal Corporation, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Texas Department of Transportation, United States Postal Service.

Insider's Guide

Legal Information

What is the seatbelt law?

Texas' safety belt law allows police officers to write a ticket to motorists if they are operating or riding in a vehicle without wearing a seatbelt, or if a child is not properly restrained, no matter where they are riding in a vehicle. The child passenger safety law covers children up through age eight (8). Children from birth through age three (3) must be in a child safety seat in the front and rear seats. In addition, children must be in a booster seat until they are eight (8) years old or 4'9" tall no matter where they are riding in a vehicle. Children who are eight (8) years old but less than seventeen (17) years old riding in either the front or rear seat must use a safety belt. View specifics on the Texas seatbelt law here. 

What are the alcoholic beverage laws?

Texas state law prohibits anyone younger than 21 years of age from purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages. In addition, Beaumont prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sunday before 12:00 noon. Bars close at 2 am. View the official Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission law here. 

Where can I get a fishing or hunting license?

For fishing and hunting licenses, contact our local Texas Parks & Wildlife office, located at 5550 Eastex Freeway, at (409) 892-8666 or buy a license online through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Where do I find information about boating rules & regulations?

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides information on boating registration, laws and safety as well as a variety of other resources.