Meet Todd the Beaumonster

Todd is a toddler who loves to play with his Beaumont toys. His favorite toy is the American alligator building block set. He loves alligators and even has a stuffed alligator toy that he likes to snuggle with at night. He loves to read his book about bugs and even brings it to show-and-tell at Beaumonster ISD. His favorite restaurant is Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse. He loves to watch the hibachi chefs cook- it's dinner and a show! His second favorite is Café del Rio (free ice cream, anyone?) When Todd isn’t playing with his toys, he likes to watch the ducks at the Event Centre, go to classic movie nights at the historic Jefferson Theatre, or visit the public library during story time.  


We tried to help him, but Todd insisted on writing his own message to you... enjoy.


Hi thare! My name is Todd, and I just have to tell you 'bout two things I really, really love. Toys and Beaumont, Texas! Toys are the BEST! I have so many toys - axion figyurs, cars, robots, and even a kool spaceship! I play with them all day and nite. But you know what else is super dooper awsum? Beaumont! That's where I live, and it's like a trezure trove of fun stuff. We have parks with big slides and swings, and I love going there with my frends. Oh, and the ice creem truck comes by our street, and I get the yummiest ice creem cones! Sumtimes we go to Gator Country, and I get to see real alligaytors! They're so big and scary, but also kind of kool. And there's a museum where I can learn all 'bout dinosaws. I even have a toy dinosaw that I take with me when I go there. It's like he's on a real adventur! I also like going to the beach with my family. We bild sandcastels, collect seashels, and I even have a toy boat that I sail on the water. The waves are so much fun, and the seegulls are silly!

So, that's me - Todd, the boy who loves toys and Beaumont. I hope you like toys and fun places too. Maybe one day you can come visit and play with me! That would be so much fun! Okay, gotta go play now. Bye for now!