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Learn how the discovery of oil created a new destiny for Beaumont, previously a farming and lumber town, and transformed it into a dynamic center of culture and refinement built on the riches of black gold. Tour the museums dedicated to our oil history and heritage as well as those that preserve art, firefighting equipment, sports memorabilia and famous inventions.

Wander through our historic homes that range from pioneer rustic to oil-boom opulent. The original owners were trappers, merchants, oil barons and cattlemen. Their residences, meticulously restored, tell the tale of the area's earlier days through family histories and the treasures they left behind.

See how Beaumont's overnight oil boom of 1901 brought fortune seekers of all religious denominations to town with our many historic churches. Find a breathtaking Catholic cathedral, a grand Presbyterian church of solid pink granite, a shrine to the Virgin Mary, as well as a Jewish temple and a Buddhist temple. 

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Beaumont Heritage Society

The Beaumont Heritage Society is a non-profit, organized for educational and civic purposes to preserve and interpret the historic collections of the John Jay French House Museum and the Chambers House Museum to foster a connection to Beaumont’s history and inspire others to value preservation and heritage for the benefit of the community.

The Beaumont Heritage Society hosts events at both museums throughout the year including an Easter Egg Hunt, Camp Lookinback. holiday events and Happy Hour events throughout the city. 



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