Creole Nature Trail 

Louisiana's Outback

A journey into the untamed yet vital coastal wetlands of Louisiana’s Outback. Right from the vehicle view alligators, over 400 bird species sighted each year and 26 miles of natural Gulf of Mexico beaches replete with seashells

Most of the time, when people see attractions along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road or the Gulf Beaches, brimming with beautiful shells, their eyes get wide, and their first words are: “I had no idea this was down here!” Visiting the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road near Lake Charles, LA, has a certain quality to it that is hard to describe to someone who has never been there. There is a certain fragrance in the air, probably a mixture of the saltwater, sand, and wildflowers along with the warm breeze and vegetation. It’s almost like honeysuckles year-round. And, this fall, the weather has just been gorgeous along the world-famous All-American Road. 

The Creole Nature Trail experience is a chance for everyone in the family to kick back and get back to the basics. Download Trail Guide  For more information, visit, and to book your stay or discover other nearby attractions, check out

A great family experience is visiting the Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge. The welcome center has hands-on learning activities for kids, including a light-up map of migratory flight patterns, animated displays about wetland preservation, and Cajun/Creole culture in the wetlands, ponds where alligators can be spotted as well as an observation deck. Also on the refuge is a driving trail, Pintail Drive, which has birds flying in from here and there to bask in the sun. It's so much fun for kids to see the various species of birds. After all, over 400 species can be found in Southwest Louisiana! 

Another great experience is the Wetland Walkway at the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. The walking trail takes visitors over the marsh, and alligators, birds, and other wildlife can be seen up close. Traveling down South, on the way to Sabine, take a few minutes to visit Brown's Grocery in Hackberry. It's a stop on the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail, so you can load up with boudin, boudin balls, sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and anything else that you might want to have as a snack for Louisiana's Outback.  

Map of Lake Charles

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