Cattail Marsh Wetlands Education Center

“The Wetlands Education Center will enhance the birding and outdoor experience of those exploring Beaumont, Texas,” stated Dean Conwell, Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Wetlands Education Center is the newest development at Cattail Marsh. The education center overlooks the Cattail Marsh Boardwalk and offers spectacular views of birds and wildlife from its elevated wrap-around porch and classroom. The upstairs classroom features versatile roll up doors and a handicapped accessible lift . Growing the area’s nature tourism offerings and attracting more visitor spending from bird watchers has been a top focus of the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau for several years. The Magnolia Garden Club’s latest addition to the popular birding hot spot will help the initiative even more.

With the addition of Cattail Marsh’s Wetlands Education Center and boardwalk the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes to capture a larger piece of the market, resulting in an increase in travel spending for Upper Texas Coast birding. With over 45 million birdwatchers in America, Cattail Marsh Wetlands offers a tremendous nature tourism asset that can bring those birders to our area. The boardwalk’s draw has given Cattail Marsh a name of its won been and with the addition of the education center, that market will continue to grow and offer numerous activities to explore and learn more about the outdoors. The Cattail Marsh Wetlands provide a habitat for a stunning diverse amount of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and plants. More than 370 of the 642 bird species in Texas can be found within a 45-mile radius of Beaumont with Cattail Marsh accounting for around 250 bird species alone.

The Magnolia Garden Club, The Golden Triangle Audubon Society and City of Beaumont contributed greatly to the Cattail Marsh Wetlands Education Center and the vision to make nature tourism a priority.