Tyrrell Park Nature Center

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Tyrrell Park Nature Center is housed in the newly refurbished CCC building in the park that was originally built in the mid 1930's. At the Nature Center you can enjoy the history of building, park and Beaumont. In the near future expect to enjoy interactive exhibits focused on the scenic natural environment and wildlife of Southeast Texas. For now, head to the Nature Center to check out the Gift Shop that is stocked with a wide range of unique inventory.

Hours of Operation


Monday-Friday- 8:00-5:00


Sunday- CLOSED


(409) 880-3163

Things to Come!

The Tyrrell Park Nature Center will consist of AV components, touch, and play activities, as well as separate spaces to meet the need of various children’s age groups. The center consists of both an indoor space and an outdoor space. Both areas of the center will contain discovery and learning spaces.

The center will include touchpads, touch tables, video touch screens, projection, LED lighting for all exhibit areas, and an area for young children to play. Life-sized replica birds, frogs, and many inhabitants of the wetland will be stationed around the indoor space in a natural-looking brush and faux environment settings. The space will have plenty of electrical outlets as well as overhead power outlets. Kiosk stations will be used for older-aged children’s groups.

An additional outdoor commercial playground space, also covered and floored, themed to match the overall wetlands, and aimed at children under the age of 6 years old. It will contain a walk-over bridge crossing over the faux stone rubber riverbed.

Disclaimer: These renderings are not the final proposed layout. 

Tyrrell Park Nature Center

Tyrrell Park Nature Center

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