Beaumont CVB Funding & Leadership


While the Beaumont CVB is a department of the City of Beaumont, its funding comes exclusively from the City's Hotel Occupancy Tax. These taxes are collected and paid by visitors who spend the night in Beaumont hotels. The City of Beaumont collects these "HOT" taxes and distributes the funds to the Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Beaumont Civic Center, and the Arts & Historical Preservation organizations. Funding for the CVB is directly related to the health and growth of Beaumont hotel occupancy tax collections; so consequently, all of the CVB's activities are focused on growing and replenishing this fund.


The CVB Executive Director reports to the City Manager. The CVB Advisory Board Members are appointed by the Mayor and the Beaumont City Council Members and serve two-year terms. The advisory board helps guide the bureau in fulfilling its mission to promote Beaumont as a meeting and vacation destination.

City Government Liaison

Mayor Roy West
Council member A.J. Turner, At-Large
Council member Randy Feldschau, At-Large
Council member Taylor Neild, Ward 1
Council member Mike Getz, Ward 2
Council member Audwin Samuel, Ward 3
Council member Charles Durio, Ward 4

City Manager Kenneth Williams

CVB Advisory Board

The purpose of the CVB Board is advisory in nature to City Council and CVB Executive Director. It shall participate in an advisory capacity in the planning and implementation of the goals and objectives of the CVB by providing strategies, resources and evaluation as needed by the Executive Director.

City Council Liaisons: Council member A.J. Tuner & Council member Mike Getz 
Staff Liaison: Freddie Willard

Board Chair: Cheryl Guillory
Past Chair: Robert Calvert

Board Members: Jim Broussard, Memo Abarca, Deondre Moore, Jake Tortorice, Issacc Mouton, Marc McDonald, Ryan Smith, Bobby Beaver, Dayna Simmons, Stephen "Doc" Watson, Shawn Webb-Locke, Nicole Kyles Burton, Alexia Morgan, Glenda Segura

Ex-Officio Members: Ann Rothkamm, Brenda White, and Dr. Richard LeBlanc.

Convention & Visitors Bureau Advisory Board Members attend ten meetings annually to stay current on bureau operations, finance, direction and to review sales, tourism, and marketing reports. Board Members are totally versed on all tourism attractions, convention facilities, and related activities in order to fulfill their duties as the community liaison.