Cajun Trail FAQ

The Cajun Trail is a FREE passport program offered by the Beaumont CVB as a way to encourage eating local and exploring the regional culinary scene. Prizes are awarded for the number of check-ins you do, so pack your appetite and stretchy pants. Make it a road trip or weekend getaway and earn fun swag like t-shirts, playing cards, and local spice blends to bring a taste of Beaumont home with you.

Does this cost anything to participate? 

Nope, the Cajun Trail is a free foodie passport program. We just want you to eat, explore, sip and savor your way through Southeast Texas.

How do I check-in to a restaurant? 

Find the link to your mobile passport, scroll down the list of restaurants until you find the one you're at, and click the rectangular check-in box -- it's that easy. But you must first click "allow location services" on your mobile device, so we know you're actually at the restaurant by your phone's GPS coordinates.

Can I check-in to the same restaurant multiple times?

No, we want you to dine around and try a bunch of spots so you'll only get credit for visiting each restaurant once (as much as we and the restaurants appreciate repeat visits!).  

How do I see the list of restaurants?

Click home and “details” to be taken to the full list of participating restaurants or click the icon to the left of the menu for the map view. You can also click menu to see the full list of venues and even sort by “near me” to see the list by distance.

For restaurants that have multiple locations (like Tia Juanita’s), only one address is listed? Can I go to one of the other locations?

You can only check yourself in to the address listed, but if you contact support (888) 921-5333 via phone or text, they can check you in and give you credit for your visit.

I forgot to check-in! Can I do it once I get home?

You must be within .25 miles of the location to check-in to a restaurant, so if you forget to do it while you're there, you can either go back or call or text the support number (888) 921-5333 and we can check-in for you.

Do I need to eat or order anything in particular? 

Nope, that's totally up to you, but in each restaurant's description, we highlight a few of our favorite things you don't want to miss while you're there.

Do I need to visit the restaurants in any specific order?

Nope. You can visit the restaurants in any order. Knock them all out in a week or take your time and spread it out throughout the month or year.

How many check-ins do I need to earn a prize item? 

  • 5 check-ins- local TexJoy spice and a sticker

  • 10 check-ins - t-shirt (size S-3XL)

  • 15 check-ins - Arctic mug

  • Check-in to 20+ locations to be entered into a grand prize drawing at the end of the year. The person with the MOST check-ins will be crowned King or Queen of the Cajun Trail!

How do I know if I’ve earned a prize?

When you've checked in to five, ten, or fifteen stops, you'll automatically receive an email and text alert that you've reached a prize checkpoint. You'll then be prompted to enter your mailing address for shipping.

How do I get my prize?

It will be shipped to you 4-6 weeks after you submit your mailing address. 

How can I earn even more prizes? 

Share your pics and bites on social media with the hashtags #EATBMT and #VisitBeaumontTX.

Why should I participate?

Besides free fun, an excuse to eat out, and tasty meals, we hope to offer a good introduction to our regional cuisine and come to appreciate all the nuances of Cajun cooking. You’ll quickly see that it encompasses everything from that messy and delicious boiled seafood platter to BBQ crabs prepared just perfectly to the approachable gumbos, stews, and po boys. It’s a foodie badge of honor to claim you’re a Cajun Texpert by the end.

What kind of restaurants are included on the pass? Are they expensive? 

There's everything from fast-casual counter service to fine dining. Some are hidden gems and holes in the walls, and some are iconic Southeast Texas establishments that have been around for decades. You don't need to spend a bunch of money to eat great food, but if you want to, by all means, make it a foodie feast and splurge.

Is there a specific time frame the passport must be completed in?

Nope, the program is ongoing as long as you want to participate. If you forget and you're close to earning a prize, we may send you periodic text or email reminders.

What do I do if I lost the link to my pass?

Go here to request a new link to your pass: All we need is the email address you used during checkout. A new link will immediately be sent by email and text message.