The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau offers many exciting opportunities for Beaumont residents to volunteer their time and extend their hospitality to visitors and convention delegates. We would like to invite you to participate by becoming a Beaumont CVB volunteer.

For more information on the role of Beaumont CVB volunteers, visit our Volunteer FAQ page. To become a CVB volunteer, please fill out the form below, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Jackson directly at (409) 880-3164 or

Susan Jackson

Convention Servicing Manager

Phone: (409) 880-3164 (800) 392-4401

Susan interviews Beaumont CVB clients and oversees the services that can be provided by our office. This is done using a formula which includes: number of hotel rooms blocked, room rate, and past history. Along with managing our volunteer program, Susan produces the CVBs Hall of Fame reception, an annual event created to recognize planners who host meetings and events in Beaumont.

Volunteer FAQ

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions by volunteers. 

What do Beaumont CVB volunteers do?

Just as the events the Beaumont CVB brings to Beaumont vary, so do the assignments of the volunteers. Overall, the majority of the assignments involve "meeting and greeting." Volunteers also provide support help with large volume mailing projects, assembly of convention packets and other projects as needed.

What type of events and activities need volunteers?

Beaumont CVB volunteers provide support for events that our office has booked. Occasionally other groups, which sponsor events either in conjunction with CVB efforts or that complement CVB events, need volunteers. In these instances, CVB volunteer names may be shared with another group or a group's information will be distributed to the CVB volunteers.

Where do volunteer activities take place?

Depending on the needs of the event, Beaumont CVB volunteers may be asked to be at the area hotels or at the convention facilities in the city. Mailings and special projects are often done at the Beaumont CVB office located at 505 Willow Street in downtown Beaumont.

What is the attire for Beaumont CVB volunteers?

Volunteers will be given a "Volunteer" shirt to wear. While volunteering at events, CVB volunteers are asked to wear the volunteer shirt and their CVB Volunteer name badge. Clean, comfortable athletic shoes are acceptable. Name tags will be provided when you report for service.

How do volunteers find out about upcoming opportunities?

The CVB Volunteer Coordinator will contact you directly by telephone as opportunities arise. You may also choose to sign up for our volunteer newsletter to learn about volunteer opportunities.

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