Explore Downtown with Fun and Affordable Bike Rentals

Enjoy your Beaucycle on a scenic ride around Beaumont’s historic downtown, a National Main Street Community. Follow one of our suggested routes, or use the map to explore on your own! Whether you have an hour or all day to explore, it’s easy to see a lot with limited time without even breaking a sweat.

$5 Rentals for 3 Hours, $1 Per Additional Hour

Bike Station Locations:

  1. Beaumont Convention and Visitor’s Bureau - 505 Willow St.
  2. Beaumont Civic Center - 701 Main St. 
  3. Edison Plaza - 350 Pine St. - COMING SOON!


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How to Rent a Beaucycle


Suggested Bike Routes

We’ve highlighted notable architecture, photo spots, where to shop, grab a bite, and cool off. While Beaumont in its entirety is relatively large, the downtown is fairly compact and very walkable or bikeable, with most of the major attractions within just 1.5 miles of each other.

How Many Can You Spot?

Beaucycles Scavenger Hunt

There are quirky finds like the larger-than-life Dalmatian-printed fire hydrant to murals, churches, a turn-of-the-century entertainment district, tasty restaurants, and everything in between. Make it a scavenger hunt to find your favorite stop and photo op! Complete our checklist of 10 surprising finds and bring it into the CVB for a prize. Don't forget to take a selfie at each spot. Get to hunting here!

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