Painted Bunting

Beaumont Birdie Passport


Birthdate: November 5
Currently Resides: Art Museum of Southeast Texas

A vivid fusion of color, as if painted by a child, 
Blue, green, yellow, and red, his plumage is beautiful and wild.
He flaps his wings vigorously, while protecting his territory,
He loves to sing sweet songs, so continuously it sounds like an oratory.

Art Museum of Southeast Texas

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Did you know? Hovering in front of a flower to sip nectar, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird beats its wings more than 50 times per second.

arthurPainted Buntings

Painted Buntings eat seeds, particularly after the breeding season is over, starting in midsummer. They’re more likely to visit a bird feeder in a yard with low, dense vegetation.In migration and winter, search for Painted Buntings by targeting sources of seeds such as weedy fields or bird feeders. In the summer, cruise through secondary growth or edge habitats with dense understory and listen for the species’ metallic chip call or the sweet, rambling song of a male. Painted Buntings spend a lot of time hidden in dense habitat so patience might be necessary; however, the wait will be worth it when you finally spot this gem, surely one of North America’s finest songbirds.

Beaumont Birding

Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Art Museum of Southeast Texas

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