The Beaumont Birdies invite you to explore Beaumont as you visit their favorite museums and attractions!  Have fun learning about local history and heritage as you collect stamps to fill up your Birdie Passport.

How to use the Passport:

This flock of feathered friends represents some of the region’s most sought-after bird species. They invite you to get out and explore some of their favorite places to see. Use this passport to document your journey. 

  • Each Birdie lives in its own special birdhouse at a local attraction. Collect stamps to fill up your passport by visiting each Beaumont Birdie’s location.
  • Share the fun! Ask your parents to check in to the attractions and share your Birdie pictures with @VisitBeaumontTX.
  • Once you have at least 10 stamps on your Birdie Passport; submit it to the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau for your own Beaumont Birdie at 505 Willow St. Beaumont, Texas 77701.

Download your own now!

Beaumont Birdies

Beaumont Birdies

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