Sports Testimonials

Beaumont's got game! Athletes and sports planners from around the country are discovering why this friendly, welcoming city is the perfect destination for competitions and team events. Contact us today to find out how the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau can help make your sporting event score a home run!

Steve Baughman, United Cheer

"Ford Park's flexibility provided a competition area, warm-up area, novelty area, spectator seating, and concessions all under one roof. And the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to assist in coordinating our event." 

Tommy Voss, Independent Fastpitch Association (IFA)

"In Beaumont, we get more attention from the city, more media coverage from local television and radio stations, much smoother and simpler transportation for our participants. The Beaumont CVB staff always takes the initiative and are very proactive in assisting us in coordination of our events." 

Gene Goll, United States Specialty Sports Association (USSA)

"Beaumont's a nice place. It's got the hotel accommodations, the facilities, and it's a good size for this type of event." 

Local Sports Legends

CVB Meeting Expert

Freddie Willard, TDM

Executive Director

Phone: (409) 880-3165 | 1(800) 392-4401

Freddie oversees and provides the direction for all Beaumont CVB projects and promotions. She works in conjunction with the City Manager and the CVB Advisory Board to ensure the purpose and mission of the Beaumont CVB is fulfilled.