Take a trip to Gator Country

This 15-acre wildlife rescue park offers hands-on education, fun.

By Mauri Elbel - Special to the American-Statesman


When traveling around the bayou area of Southeast Texas, don’t miss a trip to Gator Country on the outskirts of Beaumont.

A thrilling alligator and reptile adventure awaits just off I-10 on this 15-acre wildlife rescue park built on the remnants of an abandoned alligator breeding farm. As Texas’ largest alligator rescue facility, Gator Country is also the home of the state’s biggest alligator in captivity: Big Al. The 13.5-foot, 1,003-pound alligator is Gator Country’s star attraction, but he’s in good company with around 370 other gators and numerous cold-blooded creatures including crocodiles, tortoises and snakes.

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