Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day!

Every year on the second Saturday of May, we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day! This year falls on May 11th and there are plenty of ways to join the celebration. 

Why are Migratory Birds Important?

Migratory birds play a vital role in our ecosystems:

  • Pest Control: Birds gobble up insects that can damage crops and spread disease.
  • Seed Dispersal: As they travel, birds carry seeds in their beaks, helping to regenerate forests and maintain plant diversity.
  • Pollination: Hummingbirds and other birds flit from flower to flower, ensuring the reproduction of plants.

Beaumont is situated on the Central and Mississippi Flyways and is a prime stopover point for migratory birds. 

How to Celebrate in Beaumont

  • Visit Tyrrell Park Nature Center: Check out Tyrrell Park Nature Center and their educational programming. To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, the Nature Center is putting together "Birds on the Move," a free, educational program for children and their families. Learn how to design a bird's nest, construct a paper bird, play a migration game, eat like a bird, and more! This program is on Saturday, May 11 from 10am until 1pm. 
  • Head to Cattail Marsh: Explore this 900-acre wetland sanctuary, home to over 250 bird species. Hike the boardwalk and keep an eye out for roseate spoonbills, egrets, and migrating waterfowl. Check the eBird website for an up-to-date bird checklist.
  • Create a Bird-Friendly Backyard: Plant native flowers and shrubs that provide food and shelter for birds. Hang feeders filled with seeds and suet.

By celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, we raise awareness about the importance of bird conservation. So grab your binoculars, head outdoors, and witness the wonder of bird migration!

World Migratory Birds Day