The term "tiny" is an understatement with "Exquisite Miniatures, " at the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

Diminutive sea birds perch on pencil-thin pilings and bison roam in ranges of postage-stamp proportions. Brilliantly-colored nature scenes are just a few inches across and the entire show of framed paintings could fit in a suitcase. There's a basket of magnifying glasses at the door so viewers can intently gaze at incredible detail in these mighty minis by Wes and Rachelle Seigrest. There's even an example of a minute brush this husband and wife team use to create their tiny treasures.

"The detail of the paintings in this exhibit is so intricate, that we decided to make magnifying glasses available for use in the gallery," Ami Kamara, curator at the museum, said. "Some of the images are barely larger than the size of a postage stamp!"

Wolves and giraffes, cactus and canyons and flamingos are subjects on view. The 50 signature paintings include landscapes, portraits and still life. The Port Arthur Historical Society will present this exhibit now through June 2.

Wes and Rachelle Siegrist are members of the Miniature Artists of America, the Miniature Art Society of Florida, the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C., the Cider Painters of America, and the Hilliard Society of England. They are the authors of the world's first standard definition of miniature art adopted by the Association of Miniaturist Artists.

Port Arthur is also home to Texas Artists Museum and is a Texas fishing vacation hot spot for fresh- and salt-water catches. View nature in person at Sea Rim State Park beach and visit the new floating docks at Pleasure Island Marina.