In Texas we are pleased to announce the coming release of a TV segment filmed in Texas featuring Beaumont as the Official Best Year-Round Destination in Texas for 2013.

The feature will be shown on CBS Dallas/Fort Worth and on The Discovery Channel nationally in June, 2013 and placed on the national travel site,

Sunday June 9 at 12:00 pm on KTVT CBS channel 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth
Wednesday June 5 at 5:00 am E/P on The Discovery Channel

The Official Best Of originated in January, 2007 as a travel TV show and website only covering a few states. Today Official Best Of covers 28 states with the remaining states plus other countries being covered in 2013.

The Official Best Of studios are located in Hollywood, CA and has researchers that spend at least 2 months per show compiling a collection of the very best attractions and destinations in each given state. Once the research is complete and destinations are chosen in a state, a show is produced and aired. Produced according to each individual state, each state's show is promoted and aired within that state as well as promoted on a national level. Each TV segment is also featured on the website. One distinction that sets Official Best Of apart from many other travel sites is that it doesn't accept advertising on either its television programs or its website. The selection of attractions is by merit, and lesser-known but worthy attractions are given the same attention as famous ones.

As with each TV show production, the website offers a great resource for those planning a vacation, day trip or outing for residents within Texas as well as folks all across the country. Official Best Of is currently working on covering all 50 states plus exploring other countries. Visit to see the states already covered.

Contact Person: Tonya Hanggi, Associate Producer
Company Name: The Official Best Of
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