Deep-fried ice cream? Sure! What about ice cream and espresso? Ok! From a traditional vanilla cone to out-of-this-world frozen creations, there are plenty of places around Beaumont to get your fill of delicious ice cream and other cool treats!  

Le Real Michoacana

4882 Dowlen Rd.
Beaumont, TX 77708

Le Real Michocana, a Mexican palateria, is an authentic Mexican-style snack bar and ice cream shop on Dowlen Road. There are dozens of tasty ice cream flavors and other treats like ice cream bars and fresh fruit with chili lime toppings. Ice Cream flavors include strawberry shortcake, chocolate chunk, and peanut butter with chocolate pieces in it.

J'Baby Ice Cream

 3825 W Lucas Dr Suite C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Beaumont, Tx 77706

J' Baby Ice Cream brings a fun and unique style of ice cream to Beaumont! Alongside the yummy ice cream, the interior of the store is a happy and chill vibe you'll fall in love with. They use Thai-style ice cream rolls made with milk, cream, sugar, and other ingredients to enhance flavor. The cheery colors and wide verity of toppings is something you won't want to miss!

Marble Slab

4106 N. Dowlen Rd.
Beaumont, Tx 77706

Ice cream at Marble Slab is made in small batches every day, using fresh ingredients. Flavors include Banana Rum, Butter Pecan, Cheese Cake, Cinnamon Vanilla, Peppermint and more. It’s so fun to watch your ice cream being mixed together. First, you choose the flavor, and then it is put on a frozen marble slab where the mix-ins are added. The waffle cones are made fresh in the store too! They have cones dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with candy or nuts. Marble Slab makes ice cream cakes and they also help give back to the community by offering school and organization fundraising options.

Rao's Bakery

440 Dowlen Rd. 
Beaumont, TX 77706

Sure, you may know Rao's Bakery for the great coffee and the popular King Cake but have you ever tried the tasty Gelato? What is Gelato anyway? Gelato is basically an Italian version of American Ice Cream. It has less buttermilk fat than traditional ice cream and is usually much creamier. At Rao's, they make the Gelato from scratch and use ingredients imported from Torino, Italy. Authentic and delicious!

Sertino’s Cafe

5657 Eastex Frwy.
Beaumont, TX 77706

Life doesn’t get much better when you can add caffeine to ice cream. But really, Sertino’s Cafe offers the “Affogato” which is espresso drowning in an ice-cold scoop of your favorite ice cream. Ice cream flavors include cookies-n-cream, mocha almond, mint chocolate chip, and more. They also have a selection of fresh frozen yogurts. 

Willy Burger

5535 Calder Ave.
Beaumont, TX 77706

We love Willy Burger for a good Burger of course, but if you haven’t tried the ice cream, add it to your list! Willy Burger has soft-serve ice cream in vanilla, chocolate or swirl. They make a mean shake or malt with flavor options like strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Try and ole fashioned Coke (or Root Beer) Float. 


3495 Concord Rd.  
Beaumont, TX 77703

Mabel's is a locally owned drive-thru dessert shop offering everything from flavorful sno-cones and Mexican street snacks, such as Rusas and Crazy Apples, both topped with Tajin and Chamoy, to chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, and more. f you are looking for something affordable and quick, but also showcasing unique flavors and options, you need to add this unique dessert stop to your list to enjoy with family and friends.


622 W Lucas Dr.  
Beaumont, TX 77706

Slinging out delicious shaved ice, Quenchies is a must-stop in Beaumont. Offering a variety of flavors, both traditional and innovative, these sno-cones will satisfy you on the hottest of days in Southeast Texas. Try frozen lemonades, frozen coffees, frozen fountain drinks, frozen Yoo-hoos, frozen Red Bulls, and more! Bur if you are there for the ice cream, they have the best brand in town - Bluebell. 

Charlee and the Cookie Factory

622B W Lucas Dr.  
Beaumont, TX 77706

Known for their sweet treats like cookies, cookie cakes, cakes, cheesecakes, and more, Charlee and the Cookie Factory are serving up delicious soft serve with mix-ins and everyone's favorite, Bluebell. Grab a cookie and ice cream to enjoy this summer. 

Cha Cha Cafe

426 Dowlen Rd.  
Beaumont, TX 77706

Tasty treats await at Cha Cha Cafe. Known for their bubble waffle cones, you are in for a delicious experience when you step inside their doors. Pick your base of original, chocolate, or matcha green tea, your scoop of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, and then comes the decision of your favorite three toppings and drizzle. The soft but crunchy exterior of the cone and sweet and creamy texture of the ice cream is a must-try!

Of course, we can’t talk about ice cream without mentioning the complimentary ice cream at Jason’s Deli! The chocolate, vanilla or swirl cones are a sweet treat on the house (with the purchase of a meal, of course).