Sports in Beaumont

Fan-friendly Beaumont has a true love for the game and a legendary athletic spirit. When it comes to sports, Beaumont just "gets it," and so do our partners. From our hotels to sporting venues, the community rallies together to welcome events, tournaments, teams and all their fans!

Tournament planners are delighted by Beaumont’s accessibility and scores high with super-quick travel time from hotels to sports facilities. Convenient, affordable team-friendly entertainment and dining options make both teams and hosts happy. The Beaumont CVB team works with sports event planners from the start to ensure a solid game plan is meticulously executed for all events. CVB Servicing provides ongoing support and plenty of all-star services. Whether indoor or outdoor sports events, Beaumont has plenty of space, flexibility and a dedicated make-it-happen support team.

The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) makes planning your sporting event or tournament a breeze. When you chooseBeaumont to host your next event, the CVB will work with you to meet your group's needs. Our knowledgeable sports staff is ready to help with a variety of services and area resources to ensure the success of your event. 


Contact Tessa

Tessa Myers, CMP

Director of Sales

Phone: (409) 880-3170

Tessa works to bring groups with common interests and hobbies to Beaumont. Her primary markets are Social, Military, Education, Reunion, Fraternal, and Weddings. Along with representing Beaumont at religious marketplaces and Military Reunion tradeshows, Tessa is responsible for assisting with familiarization tours.