Beaumont is Historical

Putting Texas's Oil Industry on the Map

 At the turn of the twentieth century, Texas's economy depended upon farming, lumber, and cattle ranching to sustain a modest economy until a fateful day in Beaumont changed everything. The discovery of Spindletop in 1901 put Texas on the map with a gusher so powerful it produced nearly 100,000 barrels a day, more powerful than any previously seen in the world. That discovery drew thousands of industrious spirits with the hopes of starting a new life and striking it rich. They came from all over, bringing a hodgepodge of religions, ethnicities, and cuisines, turning our area into the delightful melting pot it is today, unified in their pioneering spirit.

Today, Beaumont is in the midst of another boom. Visit and you'll experience old-style Texas with a modern twist through careful preservation of our most valuable assets around the city and downtown.


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Where it All Started

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