1. Form a Committee

Planning a reunion is not easy. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be decided on and are sometimes overwhelming for just one person. If you can, form a small committee to help delegate tasks. Try setting a monthly phone call or have a group text for updates and the current progress that has been accomplished. Many hands make light work and forming a small group of your family will definitely help in the long run!

2. Create a Website or Facebook Page

Everyone is on social media these days or has access to a computer. Make it easy for the family to be aware of what is going on by creating a family website or Facebook group so communication can be easier. Having this type of communication allows for updates, deadlines and comments to be shared instantly. Up-to-date information can travel fast if there is a last minute change for the event.

3. Create a Family Newsletter

If some of your family members are not computer savvy, creating a newsletter can reach those relatives that do not use the internet. It is important to have EVERYONE in your family be a part of such a special event, and creating a newsletter is the perfect way to make sure everyone is involved. Include information such as: Dates, Location, Accommodations, Price Per Person, What to Bring, Reunion Theme and Agenda. 

4. Get Everyone Involved

Reunions are more important than ever! Getting the younger generation involved with the older, trading stories and learning about their history is important to pass down. By having reunions, the younger members of the family can appreciate what has come before them and then hopefully, pass that down for years to come.

5. Take the Elevator Home

If you are able to have all activities under one roof, that is prime! Almost half of reunion attendees are coming from out of town, so it would be preferred if they can unpack, relax and enjoy time with their family. You can do this by booking at one of our meeting hotels that have the space for your family. Your family members won't get lost in the shuffle of events and can help with your elderly attendees who might not have the energy to go multiple places in a day.

6. Get a Jump Start on Planning

Summer time in Beaumont brings a multitude of events and tournaments to the area as well as vacation time. The earlier you can get your family reunion scheduled and your rooms booked, the better.   

7. Find the Perfect Accommodations

Summer months are HOT in Southeast Texas. Be sure to have an option get everyone in AC to cool off. Weather is unpredictable, so having an accommodation that is indoors or having other options in your plan is always a plus. 

8. Outdoor Opportunities

If you have a family that loves to be outside, look no further than Beaumont's City Parks. Booking at a park allows you to bring your own tent and food! This is a great option for larger families with multiple ages. 

9. Host Fun Activities

Whether inside or outside, there are always options to host fun activities for your family. Rent a bounce house or an inflatable obstacle course, visit museums or utilize the pool at the hotel you are staying at. Play putt-putt, go to the skating rink, bowling alley or movie theater. Do a painting party with the family at Painting with a Twist,or take a driving trip to the casino with the adults.

10. Utilize the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau

When planning your reunion, make sure to call the Beaumont CVB for your hotel and event bookings. We can help you throughout the process with our knowledge of the area and contacts. We want to be able to help you welcome everyone home!