Genesis Mural 

Artist: Drew Merritt

The Genesis Mural is the last mural completed for the 2nd Annual Beaumont Mural Festival. Artist Drew Merritt has worked on the 10,000-square-foot project for over three weeks and will be one of the three largest murals in Texas. 

Drew Merritt Genesis

Genesis Mural

Artist Statement:

‘ In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ‘

Genesis Complete

As an artist, my inspiration often comes from the stories and narratives of ancient texts. Drawing influence from the biblical verses of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, as well as ancient creation stories from around the world, the artwork seeks to explore the themes of creation, femininity, and duality through the depiction of two female figures. By representing these powerful forces as women, the mural aims to elevate the divine feminine and encourage a deeper connection to the natural world.

Throughout history, female figures have been central to many creation myths across various cultures. From the Mesopotamian goddess Tiamat, who birthed the world from her primordial waters to the ancient Chinese goddess Nuwa, who shaped humanity from clay, the divine feminine has often been associated with creation, fertility, and the nurturing of life. By portraying the moment of creation through the lens of these powerful female archetypes, the mural acknowledges and celebrates the vital role of the feminine in shaping the world.

In this depiction of the moment of creation, one figure lays horizontally, lifeless, her body ascending from the dark waters below. She embodies the primordial chaos and potential, the unformed mass that would give birth to the universe. Her form is rendered with subtle, flowing contours that harmonize with the surrounding water, reflecting the infinite possibilities of creation.

The second figure kneels above the first, her hand reaching out into the water. As her fingertips touch the surface, they create a ripple that spreads outwards, symbolizing the act of creation and the emergence of life. This ripple introduces an element of abstraction, as it subtly distorts the reflections of the figures, further emphasizing the interplay between chaos and order. She represents the divine force that breathes life into the cosmos, and the connection between the two figures suggests a dynamic interplay between life and the void.

In the bottom right corner of the mural, a spilled open teapot serves as a symbol of the vessel that awaits the presence of the divine. This detail adds another layer of meaning to the scene, representing the potential for creation and inspiration that lies within each of us. The teapot, an everyday object, serves as a reminder that the sacred can be found even in the mundane, beauty in tragedy, and the potential in every moment as it exists.

The palette of the mural is rich in its symbolism, with browns and blacks evoking the profound depths of the abyss, while warm gold and earthy tones suggest the emergence of light and life. The composition invites the viewer to dive into the depths of the scene, exploring the moment of creation as a duality between darkness and light, potentiality and manifestation.

Life is composed of a series of moments, unequivocally good or bad. The mural seeks to inspire viewers to connect with their own creative potential and to recognize the transformative force inherent in every aspect of life, serving as a powerful reminder that we are all creators, capable of shaping our world through the choices we make and the sense of potential that exists in every opportunity as it is presented.

"Genesis" produced by ARTXIV