Mural Festival 2022 Artists

J MuzaczJ Muzacz


Public artist, author, curator, community arts advocate, and educator, J Muzacz integrates social and environmental awareness into many aspects of his work and life. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, and having attended the University of Texas in Austin studying Sociology, he went on to travel, teach and make art abroad for the better half of a decade, living primarily in Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Having spent weeks in Beaumont over 2020 and 2021 painting for Tokyo Restaurant, Pour09, and Discovery School, J was impressed by the welcoming attitude toward mural arts and coincidentally intrigued and inspired by the big blank walls downtown, thus hatching the wild idea for a Beaumont Mural Festival. 

J has been painting walls for the last 20 years and more recently has integrated the mosaic medium into his repertoire, crafting monumental landmark murals out of glass, tile, and stone. You can see an example of this incredible and timeless craftsmanship at the Pour09 courtyard and their one-of-a-kind “Southeast TX” mosaic mural.  

Mural Festival

Paul Garson


Having found his artistic voice through sobriety, Paul Garson stumbled upon his talent from a sudden introduction to a life without substance abuse and alcohol. With nine years under his belt as a painter, Paul has always been inept at all things creative. Having started with a standard water-based paint kit bought at a local chain store, he has evolved from a canvas artist to the gritty world of public street art, by way of aerosol cans and airbrush skills. Everyday objects ranging from wood to walls have been fair game to Paul as he converts seemingly random objects into works of art. Paul’s eclectic subject matter and painting styles can be found at any pop-up art event in and around several cities in Texas, while also live painting next to some of the nation’s finest urban artists. 

Mural Festival
Brittany Johnson


Brittany is a vibrant artist and muralist based in Austin, TX. She is best known for her use of bright colors and unique portrayal of female figures. Traditionally trained in oil paint, Brittany has expanded her skill set to spray paint and street art since moving to Austin. She combines her love of both mediums to make pieces that can translate from small canvas work to large-scale murals. Her ever-evolving style conveys her fun, playful attitude on life and colorful interpretation of the world around her. Her portraits hope to inspire and encourage the power within us and connect us to our unique and divine purpose in this world.

Mural Festival HelenaHelena Martin


Helena Martin’s vibrant murals can be seen throughout the US and abroad. Portraiture, flora, fauna, and clever use of color are some of the signatures of her style. Martin creates works for clients worldwide as well as teaches urban art workshops for children and adults alike through the nonprofit, mural project.

Mural Fest CarolineCaroline Truong


Caroline Truong is a native Houstonian, mom of two boys, and daughter of Vietnamese refugees. She turned her childhood hobby of drawing into a professional art practice while painting to manage anxiety and depression. She has been active in the Houston art scene since 2012. Through vivid colors, playful designs, and a character called Dream Bird, Caroline’s intent is to spread the joy that painting brings to her and to the world. Dream Bird is always dreaming, as symbolized by having closed eyes. The character is a reminder to live a creative life and pursue your aspirations. 

Mural FestivalER 


Born in Florida, raised in Hawai’i, and now based in Austin, ER has professionally painted murals since 2013. He also travels to the U.S. and overseas to paint live at music festivals. His versatile style is a mix of vibrant colors, fanciful elements, and composition that gives his work a feeling of movement. His intention with his work is to continue injecting positivity and inspiration into the hearts and minds of viewers while constantly progressing as a vessel of art.

Mural Festival Krystal CookeKrystal Cooke


Krystal Cooke is a fine artist, muralist, and tattoo artist based out of Flint, Michigan. After being accepted into a residency in MI, she moved to Flint from her hometown of Salem, Wisconsin in 2017 to further pursue her talents. While participating in the art community in Flint for two years, she expanded her skill set and understanding after being introduced to artists coming from all over the world to paint for the Flint Public Art Project. After observing some of these artists paint for the first time, she immediately found passion and purpose.

Mural FestivalFeeBee


FeeBee is a local artist, designer, and muralist. She is known for incorporating modern, urban, and street art elements into her ever-developing pop art style. Her background in street art and illustration was greatly influenced during her time in Brooklyn, NY. FeeBee was born in upstate NY and received her bachelor’s degree in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute in New York City. She continues to explore what is possible with her creative style in the studio and on the streets. Her singular goal is to create something beautiful, eye-catching, and exciting for the viewer.

Mural Festival


Based in Austin, Texas, the artist FISH has a unique style that blends graffiti and skateboard culture with the nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoons. As a member of the Blue Dozen Collective FISH has traveled throughout the United States and abroad painting walls, including Secret Walls and Pow! Wow!

Museum FestSLOKE


Nathan “SLOKE” Nordstrom is an Austin, Texas native who has been professionally producing graffiti art since the 1990s. Specializing in the use of spray paint, SLOKE travels the world exhibiting and curating art shows and producing murals for companies including Apple, Facebook, Nike, Google, Red Bull, Tecate, Jose Cuervo, Pepsi, Scholtzsky’s, Nordstrom, Ray-Ban, Pandora, Cartoon Network, Trouble Maker Studios, Univision, Time Warner, Vimeo, Fox Network, CNN, Reagan Outdoor Advertising, SXSW, Nikon, Toyota Scion, Ford Motors, F1 Circuit of the Americas, Rackspace, Tango, R.J. Reynolds, the University of Texas at Austin, American Heart Association and many others.

He has been recognized in the news for his unique skills and documentaries have highlighted his accomplishments. He is a star in this business. When SLOKE is not busy traveling the globe painting commissioned murals, he is passionate about and spends his time painting graffiti-inspired art on canvas. He also gives back to the Austin community by teaching art and mentoring the youth in partnership with the City of Austin, Austin ISD, and the Mexican American Cultural Center.

Mural FestivalW3r3on3


W3R3ON3, AKA Gelson D. Lemus is a Guatemalan-born resident of Houston, Texas who began creating artwork at a young age. His art journey really took off in the late '90s when he was introduced to graffiti culture which has shaped his path from a graffiti artist to what he has now become, a self-taught "muralista" (muralist).