Warren Loose Conservatory

  • 6088 Babe Zaharias Drive, Beaumont, TX 77705
  • (409) 842-3135
  • (409) 842-3135
Warren Loose Conservatory at 10,000 square feet is one of the largest conservatories in a public garden in Texas. In the Conservatory you will see plants common to tropical areas and rain forests, as well as arid regions. Some plants bear delicious edible fruit, while others are poisonous. There is a waterfall splashing into a pond of champion Koi. Another pond features fancy goldfish, and beautiful water lily blooms. A plaza facing an arbor is a site for weddings. You will find plants like ones that grew in ancient times interspersed with large pieces of petrified wood, all guarded by a pterodactyl and brontosaur. In a more arid region a leopard on a boulder gazes at goldfish darting among water lilies.
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