Tony Houseman Wildlife Management Area

The Tony Houseman WMA is a cooperative effort between the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Parks and Wildlife. The Travel Information Center located in the Area provides interpretive displays for visitors. A 600-foot boardwalk leads from the center into the swamp. Outdoor recreation includes public hunting opportunities, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking and canoeing. Visitors can explore the Tony Houseman Wildlife Management Area from a 600-foot boardwalk with interpretive exhibits of Blue Elbow Swamp and a scenic deck with an overview of the wetlands area and cypress forest. The boardwalk and swamp are accessed from the Texas Travel Information Center in Orange. Boats can be used to navigate the water to see the highly-diverse vegetation and a wide variety of animals and birds. Please note: There aren't any restroom facilities. Bring your own drinking water. Insect repellant is recommended. The Texas Travel Information Center is wheelchair accessible. Boats are needed to get around the Area. Caution during heavy rains which causes high water in the Area. Use of ATV's, airboats and horses is prohibited.
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