Temple Emanuel

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The main sanctuary of this historic house of worship has many features of religious significance. Above the ark on the east wall burns the ner tamid, symbolic of the seven-branch menorah that was the centerpiece of the Temple in Jerusalem. The original ner tamid was always kept lit and served to light the other branches of the menorah. Within the holy ark are three hand lettered parchment scrolls, each containing the Five Books of Moses, known as the Torah. Above the ark is a white marble tablet upon which the first words of each of the Ten Commandments are carved. The central chandelier hanging from the copper dome of the sanctuary is in the shape of a star of David and contains 60 lamps. On the pulpit are two large menorahs that are lit for all services. The six 16-foot high windows along the north and south sides of the sanctuary are the masterwork of the internationally renowned Israeli artist Ze'ev raban, who in 1922 was retained by Rabbi Samuel Rosinger. Each of the windows depicts a significant event in the life of one of the principal prophets of Judaism. They include Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha, Ezekiel, Moses, and Isaiah. Guided tours by appointment.
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