Golden Triangle Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Golden Triangle Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is a volunteer match-maker service. We match people age 55 and older with diverse non-profit agencies in the Hardin, Jefferson and Orange County Texas region. The mission of Golden Triangle RSVP is to improve lives, strengthen communities and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. Golden Triangle RSVP has six core priority areas in which we focus our volunteer efforts: -Disaster services -Economic opportunity -Education -Environmental stewardship -Healthy Futures -Veterans and Military families Why should you volunteer with Golden Triangle RSVP: -You can't improve or change everyone, but you can do your part to make a difference -Volunteering is about what you can do to give back to your community -By volunteering, you are setting the example for future generations -Join your friends, they are already volunteering "The rewards of volunteering are endless"-Clara Velasco Golden Triangle RSVP Volunteer If you are interested in volunteering at a non-profit agency in Orange, Jefferson or Hardin County Texas give them a call at 409-924-3382 or email us at
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