David Cargill Public Sculptures and Art Tour

Public Sculpture Driving Tour David Cargill has been an integral part of the Southeast Texas arts community as both an artist and a supporter of the arts for well over 50 years. His sculpture has helped define the public image of the region. Cargill, recognized nationally by the American Institute of Architects for his work in the chapel of St. Basil, Houston, is an historically and regionally important artist who has graced Southeast Texas and other parts of the country with major, large-scale sculpture, including sacred and secular commissions. Locations: Art Museum of Southeast Texas and Texas Energy Museum, Beaumont Public Library, Beaumont Civic Center, Lamar University Quad, St. Michael's Orthodox Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, First United Methodist, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. Anthony Cathedral, St. Jude Thaddeaus Catholic Church, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Ohmstgede Machine Works, Entergy Building, Edison Plaza Museum. The Men of Vision sculpture, by David Cargill, sits on the grounds of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. The bronze sculpture depicts the Rogers Brothers of Beaumont, Texas who were known for their visionary community and business ways and also founded Texas State Optical (TSO).
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