Beaumont ZIP

Beaumont Municipal Transit or Beaumont ZIP The Beaumont Municipal Transit system has been serving Beaumont for over forty years with 1200 bus stops, ten routes, and service six days per week. Its mission is to safely connect the thriving community and be a reliable source of public transportation, getting you where you need to go around town. The buses include bike racks, folding chairs to allow room for wheelchairs, and kneeling ramps for increased accessibility for all citizens. Additionally, new payment options by credit card and smartphone are available and optimal bus routes for riders. Fares: Adults, $1.25. Senior Citizens (65+), $0.75. Disabled (w/Beaumont ID), $0.75. Youth (6-18), $0.75. Children (Under 6, w/adult fare, limit 3 children per fare-paying adult), free. Transfers, $0.25. Please note: Bus drivers do not carry change, so please have exact fare when boarding. Monthly Passes: Adult, $40. Seniors, $30. Disabled, $30. Youth, $40. Monthly passes may be purchased at the following locations: * Beaumont Municipal Transit, 500 Milam Street * Central Collections, Beaumont City Hall, 801 Main Street Beaumont offers door-to–door transportation for the disabled who qualify under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.
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