Halloween is almost here—and Beaumont does it right! As home to more than a handful of haunted places, Beaumont is the perfect place for Halloween visits to the dark side. From an old farmhouse to dirt roads, to a local hotel, here is your guide to some of the spookiest places in Beaumont, Texas. 

John Jay French Museum 

One of the oldest homes in Beaumont is now the site of the John Jay French Museum, a two-story pioneer house built in 1845. Tour the home and grounds (including the family cemetery), or attend an event, and you’ll think it’s just another well-preserved historical site. But history reveals a mysterious side to this legendary property. Lore has it that John Jay’s daughter, Electa Jane, apparently displeased her father so, that he disowned her and drew a line through her name in the family bible writing next to it, "Died at birth.” So what really happened to Electa? No one knows. All efforts done to locate her have turned up empty, but perhaps the ghost of “Charlie Yank,” a carpetbagger who was killed on the stairs while trying to rob the home might still inhabit it.

Holiday Inn (on 11th Street)

Though currently closed for renovation, over the years both staff and guests of the inn reported witnessing objects moving on their own. Need more evidence? Security cameras picked up “creepy shadows” that looked like a spirit walking across a windowless hall. And while you still may have your doubts, the hotel was confirmed to be a hotbed of paranormal activities by certified ghost hunters. Whether or not the ghosts will stay to haunt the new premises is anyone’s guess…

Kissing Statue

Forest Lawn - Kissing Statue 

This local cemetery, known for its beautiful headstones and monuments, is also the site of a mysterious sculpture know as “The Kissing Statue,” a carving of a man and a woman looking toward the distance in a loving embrace. Drive in after dark, shine your headlights in a certain direction and the loving couple will reportedly turn and kiss. Many brave nighttime visitors have also reported seeing paranormal movements, including the silhouette of a woman standing in the doorway of a nearby house. This apparition is believed to haunt the cemetery and anyone who dares to venture inside.

Lamar University - Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity House 

Shockingly, this is not a tale of hazing gone wrong, but a story that goes back decades in time. Having once operated as a brothel, one might think the visiting ghosts could be residents from its seedy past. But this building, now part of Lamar University, is surprisingly haunted by none other than the friendly spirit of the farmer, the first owner of this old house-turned-fraternity. This kind spirit is reported to have been seen opening windows and conversing with Fraternity brothers. 

Bragg Road

Bragg Road 

Mystery surrounds Bragg Road, a long dirt road shrouded by towering trees, with reports of unidentified orbs of floating lights lingering around the road. Is it merely the reflection of car lights, as some would have you believe? Maybe, and maybe not. Perhaps they are the result of a never-ending fire during the infamous Kaiser Burnout, where a man was shot to death. Or maybe the light is from a spirit with a flashlight looking in the woods for his murdered bride and her killer. Whether you believe the rational explanation or the spooky lore, a drive down Bragg Road late at night will provide for a creepy chill or two.

Sarah Jane Road 

Outside of Beaumont lies another haunted road called Sarah Jane Road. Legend has it that a young mother, named Sarah Jane, hung herself, after walking on this very road when her baby accidentally fell into the Neches River and was swept away. It is said that the magical powers of a nearby ancient Indian burial mound have kept her spirit trapped on Earth. Drive or walk down this road after dark, and you just may spot this ghostly figure searching for her lost baby. 

Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery Tour 

Tour Magnolia Cemetery (Beaumont’s oldest cemetery), famous for its monuments of cherubs, arches, and pillars, and learn the stories behind many of the gravestones and statues. If you're curious about the meaning behind the various symbols found on the headstones, doves represent resurrection, a butterfly signifies a short life/infant death, and more. 

This fall, come say hello to the ghosts of Beaumont and visit the events calendar to find upcoming area Halloween events and activities to enjoy, as well.