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200+ Species in 7-Days

Birding in Texas has never been better. Located on both the Mississippi and Central flyways, Beaumont gives refuge to over 200 migratory species during spring migration, but you can see just as many any time of the year. Within a 40-mile radius, you will find 28 Great Texas Birding Trails that encompass all different ecosystems from the wetlands and piney woods to the Gulf Coast. The unique and diverse habitats across Southeast Texas virtually guarantee birders will see at least 200 species within a week.  

We’re not trying to sound cocky; that’s just how good the area is. But birds are only part of the equation, and we want to showcase everything that makes Southeast Texas memorable. After checking some lifers off on your list, explore the city we love. There are outdoor opportunities aplenty, historic homes and museums, and unique experiences to make the trip memorable. With local initiatives to address safety concerns and maintain social distancing, there’s plenty of places to spread out, unwind, and enjoy.

Friends bird watching over walkway in Beaumont, TX

Consider It A Big Week

Who has time to do a big year? It’s hard to coordinate, time-consuming, and expensive. But anyone can take a week off for some sun and fun. We want to show you a destination that caters to both birders and their significant others and make it bucket-list-worthy for everyone. Who knows, maybe we’ll even convert the non-birders. Plus, we have a special birding package with discounted hotel rates + other exclusive deals.

Up for a Challenge?

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