Beaumont Mural Festival FAQ

February 29 -  March 3, 2024

When and where is the festival?

What does it cost and what is there to do?

Nothing! The festival is free to attend which includes interacting with the artists, entertainment, participating in the arts and crafts, a kid’s zone, and a local vendor showcase. Food and refreshments will be available on-site for purchase.

Are all the murals downtown? How do I know where they will be?

They’ll be all over Beaumont, but many are downtown as part of our revitalization efforts. One major one will be in the Charlton Pollard neighborhood at the Irving and Washington underpass. Check out the map at to see all the locations.

What artists are participating?

  • Ms. Yellow - @msyellowart
  • Rachel Wolfe- Goldsmith - @rachelwolfepack
  • Bill Tavis - @tayviss
  • Lauren YS - @squid.licker
  • Kevin Burdick - @kev_scraps14
  • Floyd Mendoza - @mendoza.creates
  • Slim Safont - @slimsafont
  • Royyal Dog - @royyaldog
  • Niz - @elenizzle
  • Sebas Velasco - @sebasvelasco1
  • Nychos - @nychos
  • Sofles - @sofles


Local Artists - Cubes

  • Valerie Simoneaux
  • Brittani Dore
  • Suzette Broussard
  • Bailey Broussard
  • Sunni Gonzalez
  • Dario Bucheli
  • Tiffany Ready and Eloise Lopez
  • Mario Ramos
  • Meghan Cobb
  • Henry Art Smith


Local Artists- Walls

  • Haley Spradlin
  • Mister Alek
  • Tyler Kay

Are students involved?

Yes, on Friday, March 1, BISD art students will be visiting the Art Museum, Energy Museum, and the Event Centre to participate in activities and crafts. 

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