Meet the 2024 Artists


Beaumont Mural Festival 2024

Ms. Yellow



Ms. Yellow

Ms.Yellow (Nuria Ortiz) is a self-taught Mexican-American muralist, artist, craftswoman and teaching artist. She has dedicated her time to the creative development and empowerment of communities, working closely with schools, cities, community centers & more to develop workshops, murals & mentorship to the youth. Her artwork and murals have been displayed​ in museums, galleries, and streets throughout the United States and around the world such as Egypt, Haiti, Japan, Spain, France, Australia and Mexico, centering on themes such as culture, folklore, sisterhood, education, unity, love and social justice.

(Photo and bio from @msyellowart)

Rachel Wolfe- Goldsmith


Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith

Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith is a muralist and creative director living in Oakland, California. She’s known for blending realism and abstraction into murals that pulse with movement and painterly gestures. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her intimate relationship with nature, as well as a passion for supernatural phenomena have infused her work with a bio-futuristic edge. Aware of the fact that images inform our vision of what is possible, she weaves prayers into each wall, projecting black and brown visionaries into the future.

(photo and bio from @rachelwolfepack)

Bill Tavis



Bill Tavis

Austin-based artist Bill Tavis creates art in a style called halftonism. This style takes a concept from mechanical printing and adapts it to become expressive and vibrant, and uses a repeating pattern that varies in relative thickness to create the illusion of gradients. Up close, you see a dynamic pattern, but as you step back the subject emerges, as the final image is created in the viewer's mind.

(photo and bio from @tayviss)

Lauren YS


Lauren YS Mural Fest 2024


Lauren YS is a contemporary muralist and artist whose work deals with questions of identity, gender, sexuality, personhood and painting visions of just futures. As a mixed-race Chinese American nonbinary artist, their work delves into the visual realm of half-identities, evoking alternate universes rich with psychedelic imagery, mythology and research. Lauren's work aims to stun, envelop and educate the viewer with a passionate view of a more inclusive, playful world. 

(Photo and bio from @squid.licker) 

Kevin Burdick

@kev_scraps14  |


Kevin Burdick Mural Fest

Kevin Burdick was born and raised in Michigan. Kevin is a Graffiti artist formally trained in classic art techniques. He enjoys blending graffiti techniques with his imaginative realism style which is reflected in his impressive large scale murals. 

(photo and bio from @kev_scraps14) 

Floyd Mendoza III

@mendoza.creates |


floyd mendoza bio pic

Floyd Mendoza III, 25, is a self taught artist from Pasadena, Texas who is seeking more opportunities to showcase his work. He has traveled many places and worked with multiple companies, such as the Houston Rockets and Crown Royal, and Starbucks sharing and showcasing his work with the world. Mendoza loves to try new ways and concepts to stretch his creativity, which includes a wide range of mediums to create murals, realistic portraits, caricatures, live painting, digital art, and the list goes on.


(photo and bio from @mendoza.creates)

Slim Safont


@slimsafont | 


Slim Safont Mural Fest

Nil Safont, born in Berga (Barcelona) in 1995 and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. At the age of 12, he instinctively began to delve into the universe of urban art and painting. His name is present, both nationally and internationally, in the sector's panorama since 2017. He is co-founder and member of @malpais.malpais, an art gallery with a great exhibition space and annual programming in Barcelona.  

(photo and bio from @slimsafont) 

Royyal Dog

@royyaldog  |

Royyal Dog Mural Fest


Royyal Dog (Chris Chanyang Shim, 심찬양) is a graffiti writer and graffiti artist from Seoul, Korea. He is best known for his photorealistic murals of African American women in traditional Korean hanbok dresses and iconic rappers.  His paintings carry a message of global harmony and have been recognized for multiculturalism. His work can be seen around the world. Royyal Dog studied animation at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries in Incheon. He also studied pastoral studies at International Evangelical College in the Philippines before dropping out to pursue graffiti in Perth, Australia. Royyal Dog currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and jindo/labrador retriever.

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Niz Mural Fest

Hi:) My name is Niz. I was born in Lima, Peru and am currently based in Austin, TX. I am a stencil artist whose style can be described as "mythical realism." I got into the graffiti/street art scene through my involvement with skateboarding and hip hop culture, painting grip tape and broken skateboards and gradually moving to walls. I find inspiration in a lot of things, some of which are street culture, music, the Caribbean, Latino culture, activism, mythology, empowered females, and spirituality. In my backgrounds, I like to mimic the vibrant colors in nature and juxtapose that with somewhat monochromatic portaiture in the foreground. I like to blend the two as a way of communicating the undeniable connection between us and our environment. My goal is to connect spiritually / emotionally with my audience to highlight the magic in the mundane things about life that sometimes we might miss. I mostly work alone but became a proud member of Few and Fa Women, an all female graffiti crew, in 2019. Together we all do our part in highlighting important sociocultural and political issues through public art. 

(photo and bio from @elenizzle)

Sebas Velasco

@sebasvelasco1 | 


Sebas Velasco Mural Fest


Sebas Velasco (b.1988) is a Spanish artist exploring scale and context through oil painting and public projects. Through his research for light and space, Sebas celebrates the present, while respecting the profound history underpinning his works. His artistic prowess lies in his elevation of the mundane; breathing life into decaying and forgotten spaces. Concrete giants, abandoned vehicles, and neon signs are collaged from photography taken on his extensive trips. Through an expressive use of paint and a meticulous focus on light and its properties, Velasco’s art transcends the boundaries of conventional aesthetics toward a more atmospheric and emotional reflection of time.

(photo and bio from @sebasvelasco1)


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Nychos is known for his signature dissection, cross section, x-ray and translucent styles, often depicting animals and characters from pop culture. Nychos' pieces can be seen on walls around the world, while his works on canvas and drawings have been shown in renowned international galleries. Born into a family of hunters in Austria, Nychos was fascinated by anatomy from an early age. At the age of 17, Nychos was introduced to the street art culture and the use of spray cans, a practice that allowed him to add color to his black and white cartoons, while demanding quicker and more spontaneous works. Nychos lives and works in Vienna and Los Angeles.


(photo and bio from @nychos)


@sofles |


Sofles bio mural

Russell Fenn, better known as Sofles, is an Australian graffiti artist originating from Brisbane. Self-taught, he has been honing his skills for over 20 years, exploring various mediums such as spraypaint, acrylic, drawing and brush painting, as well as digital and illustration works.


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