Summer Camp: Rao's Bakery Bake Camp

Rao's summer learning experience is designed to give the young people an introduction to the art and fun of baking. Choose between 2 different one-day classes: Cookie Baking and Decorating or Cake Decorating for ages 5-8 and 9-12.

In the cookie class, cookies will be made from scratch using mixers. Children will learn how to roll the cookie dough and use cookie cutters to make different shapes and designs, and then decorate them using freshly made icing!

In the cake class, cakes will be baked from scratch, iced, flowered, etc; children will learn the safe way to use mixers/blenders, and professional decorators will teach them how to use a pastry bag with different tips for different designs. They will be taught to do borders, ice cakes, fill cakes and writing at the end.

Each child will receive take-home recipes, instruction from Rao's professional baking staff, a drink and cookie break, T-shirt (one per child), and pastry bag plus tips. 

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