Camp Lookinback Summer Camp

  • 3025 French Road, Beaumont, TX 77706
  • (409) 898-0348
  • July 14, 2020 - July 17, 2020
  • Recurring daily
  • John Jay French Museum
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • Members, $65. Non-Members, $75.

Camp Lookinback is a fun and educational four day summer camp held on the grounds of the historic John Jay French Museum. Children, ages 6-11, experience another time in Texas history while in a safe and enriching environment. Hands-on activities will be conducted each day. Camp Lookinback is fun for both boys & girls! Courses are listed below.


What was a school day like in the 1800s? How was it different from your 21st century school day? Join your “teacher” this morning for a fun-filled 19th century school day. Make your own ink and learn penmanship with your quill pen, practice reading, arithmetic, and recitation the old-fashioned way.


Did you know there weren’t always grocery stores? In the 1800’s, people on the frontier had to plant their own fruits and vegetables, and raise livestock to sustain their families. We have created a unique hands-on experience by planting a garden on the grounds of the museum. Children will see how fruits and vegetables grow, and experience how to care for and harvest them. In addition, we will discover the world of bugs by making their own pitcher plant bug catchers. We will even have a visit from a few farm animal friends!


Have you ever wondered who was here before us? How did they live? What kind of tools did they use? How did they hunt for food? Here’s your chance to be an archeologist for the day! Children will experience archeology first hand during a simulated dig. Also, learn how Indians made their arrow heads (flint knapping) and discover how Native Americans told stories through art.


Experience a day on the French family homestead. Sally would have risen before the sun to begin her chores. Campers will get a taste of life on the frontier experiencing everything from daily chores to feeding chickens. A tour of the French Museum will be provided. See what life was really like before technology!

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