The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Convention Sales and Servicing Team has been working diligently to bring meeting and convention business to Beaumont, Texas. 

Beaumont’s local economy benefited from the meetings revenue that the Beaumont CVB’s Sales Team generated to the tune of over $24 million in 2017.  This means that local hotels, restaurants, bars, retail shops and attractions all benefit from guests that come to Beaumont for meetings. With these additional local sales taxes paid by guests, they contribute to city funds to support vital city services; such as our fire and police departments.

“Our citizens benefit when travelers visit Beaumont,” states Freddie Willard, Director of Sales. “The amenities, attractions, and things to do in Beaumont are the extras that get the meeting planners to explore our city, but our locals benefit from an improved quality of life as well.” 

In 2017, the Beaumont CVB Sales Team produced an outstanding amount of convention business consisting of:

•    Southeast Texas Baseball - 2,853 Room Nights and 7,038 Attendees (15 Tournaments)
•    United States Fastpitch Association - 2,683 Room Nights and 6,890 Attendees (2 Tournaments)
•    South Texas Youth Soccer Association - 640 Room Nights and 2,275 Attendees (2 Tournaments)
•    Southern Black Softball Association - 487 Room Nights and 1,680 Attendees (3 Tournaments)
•    North & East County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas - 457 Room Nights and 168 Attendees
•    Skills USA District 7 Conference - 398 Room Nights and 2,200 Attendees
•    Texas Rural Letter Carriers Association and Auxiliary - 349 Room Nights and 250 Attendees
•    Great Plains Honors Council - 347 Room Nights and 390 Attendees
•    USA Softball of Texas - 283 Room Nights and 2,500 Attendees
•    Hot Hearts - 224 Room Nights and 6,500 Attendees

The estimated economic impact from all these meetings and events that the Beaumont CVB helped to book in 2017 is $24,116,978 from 77 different organizations, bringing 57,844 delegates to Beaumont.
Continuously working hard to bring business to Beaumont, the Beaumont CVB Sales and Servicing Team is looking forward to bringing even more meetings, conventions, reunions and tournaments to Beaumont.

For the upcoming year, the Sales Team already has on their books over 65 definite overnight meetings with an estimated economic impact of over $9 million, bringing over 42,962 people to our area. Over $1 million worth of business is already expected for 2019, with more bookings to come throughout the year.

“Regardless of the size of your meeting, let us help you plan your next conference!” says Rebecca Woodland, Convention Sales Manager. “When local clients contact the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau early in the meeting planning process, just like Mr. Kerwin Stone - President of the Vietnam Veterans Association Chapter 292 - does, our clients get the full, complimentary, convention planning assistance, from start to finish. We are always here to help the locals bring a successful meeting to Beaumont.”


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So, when you are looking to host overnight meetings or business in Beaumont, contact the Beaumont CVB’s Convention Sales and Servicing Staff Team for complimentary meeting & hotel booking assistance.

•    For the sports market, state, government and trades associations, contact Freddie Willard, Director of Sales at or 409-880-3160. 
•    For social, military, religious, science, fraternal and corporate markets, contact Rebecca Woodland, Convention Sales Manager at or 409-880-3169.
•    For family and class reunions, contact Susan Jackson, Convention Servicing Manager, at or 409-880-3164