Spring in Beaumont means getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. Bring your blanket and pack your favorite food for the annual McFaddin-Ward House Spring Picnic. It’s a popular event at the historic mansion that includes live music, games, food trucks and plenty of other family friendly entertainment. The best part... it’s free!

“People from all walks of life are now attending our events and I really think we tapped into something important, inspiring and visionary for our city,” said the Director of the McFaddin-Ward House Allen Lea.

Lea says hosting picnics on the East lawn of the historic home was something that started simple and quickly grew.

“Our community picnics began with our community Fall Harvest Hoedown. We noticed an increase of attendance and in 2013 we began holding two community picnics a year; one in the Spring and one in the Fall,” he adds.

Event Details:

May 4, 2017
McFaddin-Ward House
1906 Calder Ave
Beaumont, TX 77701
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Cost: Free

McFaddin-Ward Spring Picnic

You are invited to bring a blanket and pack your own food. A food truck will also be on hand, lawn games will be available for people to play and there will be live music from the sprawling wrap around porch. It’s really meant to be a fun evening to sit, relax with friends and enjoy the historic beauty of Beaumont. 

“Our picnics encourage all people to come out, socialize with their friends, experience some awesome live music and enjoy their picnic of choice in a great setting,” said Lea. 

Free tours of the historic mansion will be given during the event. The stately home was built in 1906 in the Beaux-Arts Colonial style and its furnishings and other belongings inside reflect the lifestyle of the prominent family who lived in the house for 75 years. Learn more about the McFaddin-Ward House.

McFaddin-Ward Spring Picnic

“The McFaddin-Ward House is the jewel of the city and what we all share in common is how much we love the place,” said Lea. “Our passionate approach to reach out to the city has been welcomed by increased interest, attention and attendance.”

The Spring Picnic is just one of several family friendly community events held at the McFaddin-Ward house each year. It’s something, Lea says, the people of Beaumont really enjoy. 

McFaddin-Ward Spring Picnic

“Beaumont is full of people who share a passion for the city and take pride in offering free events throughout the year for our citizens,” said Lea. “From our picnics, lectures and summer camps to our summer yoga series, we try and offer something for everyone.”

Special thanks to Bobby Chapman for the spring picnic photos from last year.

For more on this event and other fun, outdoor happenings going on in Beaumont this spring check out our events calendar.