You are meeting in Beaumont, now what?

After many conversations and meetings about finding the perfect place to host your event, you chose Beaumont! Now what comes next? By choosing Beaumont and utilizing the Beaumont CVB team for your meeting, we are now ready to get to action! Our team of experts can open many doors and opportunities for you and your group. We are here to handle the details so that you do not have to! Here are some things to keep in mind when determining what you need for your event:

  • Purpose of the event
  • History of the event
  • Preferred dates/alternate dates
  • Meeting pattern/sample itinerary
  • Expected attendance
  • Catering
  • Room set-up
  • Number of guest rooms needed

Communication is imperative! Do not forget to let us know those things that are most important to you and your group - better known as your concessions. These could range anywhere from budget, providing your attendees with memorable experiences both during and after the event, to having free Wi-Fi at the event.

We are here to help you.

Once a Request for Proposal (RFP) is developed, it is time for us to get to work. Based on the parameters established in the RFP, our sales manager, Freddie Willard, will send out a lead to our local hotels and venues. Depending on the needs, size, and dates of your event, hotels and/or venues able to accommodate will give us confirmation. A bid packet will then be put together and a proposal will be sent back to you for your review. This proposal will include properties with both the availability and means to host your event.

Plan a site visit.

We know that meeting in person right now can be a little tricky. But no worries! Our team can create a virtual site visit that you can experience from the comfort of your home. With Threshold 360 videos, the Beaumont CVB can send 360-degree videos of our hotel space and venues for you to view. We can work with our partners to curate a step-by-step virtual walk through that will make you fill like you are visiting our wonderful city in person.

Find your vendors.

Once you have decided on the hotel and venue to host your event, it is time to get some contracts in place. Contracting with vendors is an important step in the event planning process, as it solidifies the additional necessities you will need for your event, such as food and beverage arrangements, or room blocks for your guests. Our team at the Beaumont CVB is happy to offer recommendations for vendors based on the needs of your event. We have planners, florists, catering options, audio and visual options and more.


The last, and most exciting step is to execute your event! At the Beaumont CVB, we are thoroughly excited to welcome you to our destination. Want to elevate the success of your event? Utilize our servicing options that are free of charge and can be tailored to give your attendees an overall better experience while they are here. Our services include:

  • Welcome bags and signage
  • VIP and speaker gifts
  • Marketing assistance and promotional items
  • Registration assistance
  • Volunteer recruitment

Need something that is not on the list? Let us know! We are happy to provide a service that are specific to you and your event.