We know sometimes it can be stressful being the one in charge of helping put together a family or class reunion. So if you're looking for fresh ideas, look no further! Here are three ways for you to get creative and make your reunion unique, courtesy of the Beaumont CVB. 

1) Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and spice up your next get together with a scavenger hunt. Whether it's geocaching or scouting for treasure around Beaumont, the CVB can help coordinate a group activity that is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

2) Tour Your Hometown

Touring your hometown is the perfect way to rediscover the things you once loved. That museum you visited as a child? Chance are, you wouldn't recognize it today. Did you know they rotate out exhibits regularly and hold special events to showcase their venues in a new way? It's true! Check out Heritage Happy Hour to see some of your favorite historic attractions in a whole new light including live entertainment, craft beer and more.

3) Organize a Car Rally

A classic car rally is a creative way to for family and friends to reminisce more than just memories. Enjoy the beauty of classic and muscle cars at Beaumont's unique meeting venues that are ideal for car rallies, opening or closing receptions and more.

Take advantage of these great ideas & let the Beaumont CVB help! We offer complimentary meeting planning services and can provide plenty of area information to help make your event a success!

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