Beaumont and sports tournaments go hand-in-hand, and the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is making sure it stays that way. With over 35 weekends annually booked for baseball and softball tournaments, you could say that the Beaumont CVB’s experience is unmatched.

When the Beaumont CVB books a tournament, that means money is going directly into the economy. The teams will be using Beaumont facilities, staying in Beaumont hotels, and shopping and eating at local businesses. The continued success of the sports market in Beaumont creates repeat bookings for teams and their families, which generates economic growth in the community.


To thank sports planners and teams for choosing Beaumont and their continued business, the Beaumont CVB launched a new campaign – Eat Play Stay. Eat Play Stay is a program that rewards teams who play in Beaumont at least four times within the year. Each coach will fill out a questionnaire answering which tournaments they played in and submit receipts from local restaurants and businesses from when the team was in Beaumont. Once entered, coaches have the chance to win a prize for their team.

“We wanted to reward those teams who continue to play in Beaumont,” said Beaumont CVB Director of Sales, Freddie Willard. “The tournament business is a large market for us, having the continued support of playing in Beaumont, means so much to not only the CVB but the City of Beaumont. Their business goes directly into the Beaumont economy, enhancing the communities’ quality of life.”

Upcoming Tournaments:

Southeast Texas Baseball Academy Spindletop Boom Tournament: April 2-3, 2022

United States Fastpitch TX-LA Challenge #2: April 2-3, 2022

Southern Black Softball Association Top Dog NIT Tournament: April 9 -10, 2022

United States Specialty Sports Association Battle of Texas Tournament: April 9 -10, 2022

Southeast Texas Baseball Academy PG Super Regional Tournament: April 23 -24, 2022

Southeast Texas Baseball Academy PG Spring Fling Tournament: April 30 -May 1, 2022

The Beaumont CVB works with both local and national meeting planners to impact Beaumont’s economy. For more information on how the Beaumont CVB can help plan a meeting, convention, or sports tournament, contact Freddie Willard at or 409-880-3160.