With so many fabulous Tex-Mex spots in Beaumont, how do you choose just one to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? The answer is you don’t. You make yourself a DIY taco crawl to experience as many as possible. The great thing about tacos is that they’re fairly small and affordable, so you can make your way to different spots without breaking the bank or stuffing yourself. And of course, make sure to save room for dessert. 

Tacos La Bamba
Tacos La Bamba

Tacos La Bamba is a popular local spot known for its vibrant murals and mosaics on each table. A cult-favorite that grew out of the back of a video rental shop just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Get one of their signature street tacos, or enjoy a ceviche and a beer. Carlos, the owner’s focus on supporting the community means there are always fun events (like Lucha Libre in the parking lot!), so be sure to check their Facebook page to see what's going on.

taco reyes
Tacos Los Reyes Truck

Don’t ask us why, but something just hits different from food trucks! Permanently posted up on College Street, you can't miss the bright red and yellow truck of Tacos Los Reyes. Get ready to double fist corn tortilla tacos in one hand and a cup of elote filled with queso, crema, and an array of delightful seasonings in the other. 

taquerita lupita
Taqueria Lupita

You know Taqueria Lupita is going to be fun with their bull mural outside. One of the things they’re known for is the fries that you can add to your tacos. For spice fans, their salsas pack a punch.

carmela's taco

If you get the chance, grab a seat at one of Carmela's hand-painted chairs from Mexico. They're known for their award-winning queso and sizzling fajitas, but we’re here for a taco tour, and their carne asada, beef fajita, and al pastor fit the bill. They also have breakfast tacos so give them a try in the morning too!

gator tacos tia juanitas
Tia Juanitas Fish Camp

We’re in Beaumont, so why would we not also add a little Cajun into our taco mix? At Tia Juanita's, you can dig into a blackened gator taco that has a completely unique taste or stick with a more traditional protein. Plus, they're a stop on the Cajun Trail where you can get rewarded for dining out!

La Real Michochana
La Real Michocana

Even after all these tacos, you have to save room for the decadent Mexican desserts at La Real Michocana. From mangonadas to milkshakes covered in whipped cream, sprinkles, and candy, each treat is worth every bite and colorful photo opp. Happy Cinco de Mayo!