In these unprecedented times, every action and interaction comes with some inherent risk, none more polarizing right than restaurants. People have varying degrees of comfort with dining in, ordering take out, and eating on patios. And yet, despite the challenges, Beaumont’s local restaurants have embraced the CDC’s recommendations and guidelines in a big way, stepping up to provide as clean and safe of an environment for patrons as possible.

We wanted to highlight a few going above and beyond to provide a S.A.F.E. and controlled experience to visitors. These places are not just following and meeting expectations but exceeding them. Let’s celebrate being S.A.F.E with some well-deserved recognition.

  • Socially-Distanced – Tables and patrons are at least 6’ apart
  • Aware – Visible signage and situational awareness regarding guest safety
  • Follows Recommendations - From local and national regulatory bodies regarding masks
  • Enhanced Protocols – Increased cleaning frequency and visibility

An attendant at TopGolf waits to greet customers and make sure adhere to current safety regulations.

Creative Marketing and Temperature Checks with 5 Under’s Mask Decorating Contest

Before you even enter the building at 5 Under Golf Center, you’re required to have a digital temperature check at the booth by the door. Clear signage is visible throughout the facility with plenty of hand sanitizer stations, whether you’re swinging a club or not. They also have contactless QR codes for each of their menus.

To cultivate everyone’s crafting skills, they’re also holding a mask decorating contest for children 13 and under through August. Kids can decorate any unused mask they wish to be hung in the retail store. At the end of the month, the top five will be shared on Facebook for the public to vote for their favorite. The winner will receive a 5 Under gift basket full of goodies and a gift certificate – just make sure to include your name and phone number on the inside so they can contact you.

Suga's restaurant offers a covered patio where customers can enjoy their meal in the fresh air.

Suga’s Prime Patio for Social Distancing

With plenty of room to spread out, Suga’s patio is a tropical oasis downtown with outdoor fans to keep you cool and an awning to protect from the elements. They recently replaced the tables so they’re easier to clean and less likely to collect germs.

A sanitation station at Daddio's restaurant helps people adhere to increased hygiene practices.

Sanitation Stations at Daddio’s

Clearly and visibly before you enter the line at Daddio's, hand sanitizer is available and recommended along with a friendly reminder to stay six feet apart.

Many restaurants are now offering contactless ordering and delivery services.

Contactless Menus and Expanded Patio Seating at Madison’s

Madison’s has scannable QR codes on each table so there’s no need to ever touch a physical menu. The instructions are easy to follow if you’ve never used a QR code, but they do offer disposable paper ones upon request. If you haven't been in awhile, they recently redid their patio and it looks phenomenal.

Using clear signage, restaurants like Katherine's in Beaumont help customers maintain proper distancing.

Clear and Frequent Signage at Katharine and Co.

Despite being one of the busiest restaurants downtown, Katharine and Co. has done a great job sectioning off tables, offering plenty of sanitizer, and maintaining clear mask guidelines. The stand-up table toppers are much more visible than a paper taped to the table so you can clearly see which seating areas are unavailable.

Clear signage helps customers understand how they can help restaurants stay clean and compliant.

Bilingual Social Distancing Signs at Elena’s

Elena’s roped off tables have messaging in English and Spanish to ensure the rules are easy to understand whatever your native language is.

Clear signage ensures all visitors know that they are required to wear a mask.

Plenty of Mask Promotion at Richard’s Café

In these weird times, less and subtle is not more. Richard’s does a great job of prominently displaying mask requirements on every possible outdoor space.

Sweet Basil in Beaumont uses signs to help customer make sure they are maintaining a safe distance from others.

Clear Signage and Plenty of Space Between Tables at Sweet Basil

Whether you’re dining in or carrying out, Sweet Basil has bright red, easy to follow floor stickers that noticeably direct you what path to follow plus roped off tables with plenty of room for distancing.

In addition to signs, many establishments such as Chaba's provide masks and/or hand sanitizer.

Signage, Shields, and Masks for Sale at Chaba’s Take-out Window

Chaba is currently only open for to-go orders, but even then have no shortage of signage that very clearly states one person in and out at a time. They’ve set up a plastic barrier to separate patrons from employees and offer a variety of different masks for sale from cloth to face shields.