Beaumont is bloomin’ and we couldn’t be happier! With the recent title as a “Bee City” the importance of the right vegetation and flora is instrumental in keeping bees and other pollinators in the area. So, what does it mean to be a “Bee City” and why is it important? Being a part of Bee City USA means that the City of Beaumont endorses a set of commitments for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet.


To help with this initiative, the City of Beaumont implemented of a new method of landscaping called “Earth Kind Landscaping” that enhances the environment and creates the habitats for pollinators throughout the city. Since 90 percent of the world’s flowering plants depend on pollinators to reproduce, Beaumont wants to be a part of it!

“The Earth Kind Method, developed by Texas A&M University, uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum gardening and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting the environment, stated Beaumont’s Landscape Superintendent, Kenneth P. Raggette. The Earth Kind principles and practices can create a beautiful and easy-care landscape while conserving and protecting our natural resources. The small changes that this initiative entails make such a huge impact on our lives and the environment.”

Sunflowers along a sidewalk

The method includes landscape water conservation, reduction of fertilizer and pesticide use, landscape for energy conservation and reduction of landscape waste in landfills. These new plans will increase water conservation, regularly monitoring the landscapes around Beaumont, planting specific plants for windbreaks and trees for shade and composting as much green material as possible will create a richer environment for the pollinators.

See these new installments throughout the city that are making our community more "pollinator friendly" and conscious of the environment. 

Photos by: Kenneth Raggette