The National Beep Baseball World Series is coming to Beaumont in 2022. The National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) is a sports organization for athletes who are blind or visually impaired that includes 37 teams throughout the United States, Taiwan, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. The world series is one of the most notable sporting events for the NBBA that gives all teams the opportunity to meet and compete. Although this is the first time Beaumont will host the event, this is not the first time Beaumont has had a team in the area. In the 1980s, the Beaumont Beepers were a part of the NBBA and played for a few years.

The Beaumont CVB went through a year-long process consisting of a site visit of Beaumont to NBBA board members, a bid presentation in Braille, and a formal presentation in front of the tournament committee members and NBBA board members in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the 2019 NBBA World Series host city) to win the bid. With the help of various partners throughout the process, Beaumont was able to secure the year 2022. 

“We partnered with the Beaumont Youth Soccer Club, SETX Baseball Academy, Lamar University, MCM Elegante and the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites to make this happen for Beaumont,” stated Director of Sales, Freddie Willard. “It was a very competitive process, and we are thrilled that the NBBA board voted to come to Beaumont. With the support of our community and partners, their prestigious event is in capable hands.”

The week-long event will be played, July 24 – 31, 2022, at the Cris Quinn Soccer Complex. Teams from all over the country and world will meet in Beaumont to compete in the 2022 NBBA World Series. The championship will bring in more than 400 players, their families, and spectators of the sport that will impact the local economy tremendously. With an expected 1,500 hotel room nights to be generated from this event, it will bring in an estimated local economic impact of $500,000.

The Beaumont CVB sales team traveled to Wichita, Kansas to view the 2021 NBBA World Series in preparation of hosting next year.  NBBA President, Blake Boudreaux, will make a visit to Beaumont in the coming months. The Beaumont CVB sales team, Boudreaux, and community partners will meet to discuss the upcoming tournament.

“The National Beep Baseball Association and its affiliate teams are thrilled to bring our sport and it’s world class blind athletes to Beaumont,” stated Boudreaux. “With a storied history of Beep Baseball throughout the state of Texas, we feel the 2022 NBBA World Series will be truly memorable and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of everyone who is able to take part in this historic event.”

Organized in the United States in 1976, the NBBA hosts exhibition games and tournaments throughout the year and all over the country. The sport consists of six individuals and utilizes an oversized softball with beepers attached so that batters can hear the ball coming towards them when up to bat. With the help of spotters, the game is played out. Beep baseball adapts America’s favorite pastime to a sport that is equally and even more challenging. Beep baseball gives men, women and young people that are visually impaired the opportunity to compete on an even playing field.

The NBBA World Series offers an amazing opportunity for the community to get involved. The week-long tournament will require many volunteers to make it a success and the Beaumont CVB is asking for help in welcoming this group. Organizations, associations, or individuals, contact Director of Sales, Freddie Willard at and be a part of the NBBA World Series in 2022.