During the past 6 years of working for Visit Beaumont, TX, I've hosted numerous travel writers on tours of Beaumont, giving them the inside scoop on why our neck of the woods is something to take notice of. This is hands down one of my favorite parts of the job. I get to share Beaumont with someone who's genuinely interested in what makes us unique, fun and sometimes, downright quirky. I love introducing people to our food, history, culture, and outdoor offerings. 

People look at southeast Texas and tend to see oil & natural gas. While they are a substantial part of our past & present, they alone do not define who we are. They are simply the foundation for the hardworking people these industries brought here - starting way back in 1901 with the Spindletop oil boom.

Ultimately, the people are what makes Beaumont so great - the art enthusiasts, the filmmakers, the active lifestyle groups, the young creatives, the storytellers, the small business owners. These are the people that believe in our area & have from the beginning. These are the people we like to call the "Beaulievers" - the ones making things happen.

During my time here, I've watched Beaumont reinvent itself. Forward thinking City leaders continue to capitalize on new opportunities that solidify our foundation and ensure the growth of our city. From downtown capital improvement projects that include a new event center and skate park to embracing outdoor offerings like birding locales and paddling trails, Beaumont is movin' on up. And, the great news? These things benefit locals and tourists alike. What is here for the visitor is here for the locals to enjoy.

If you're one of those locals who isn't quite convinced of what all the rave is about, I'm talking to you. I am personally inviting you to join us for a session of Beaumont Destination Training. For starters, it's free - & we feed you. (Bonus!) Aside from that, it's actually a lot of fun. Beaumont Destination Training (or BDT for short) is a hands-on, half-day tour of Beaumont's museums and attractions. Occasionally, we get the opportunity to throw in a boat ride on the Neches or visit Gator Country where you really can hold a live gator. (Disclaimer: Quick hands or no hands.) And, of course, there are always trivia questions where you can score some cool Beaumont swag.

We host Beaumont Destination Training 5 times a year and you can expect to be busy from 7:30 am ‘til about 2:30 pm. You may not be there yet, but I promise, we'll turn you into a Beauliever yet. Sign up for BDT online now.